Ask an expert! The Cryo Connect platform allows those with a professional interest in our climate system, like journalists, policy makers and stake holders, to obtain information from a large and diverse group of cryosphere experts with ease. Hundreds of scientists around the globe are eager to share their findings on how the cryosphere changes over time, and what this means to the planet and its inhabitants. The cryosphere includes all areas of our planet where water exists in its frozen state: glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, sea ice, lake ice and river ice, but also seasonal snow and frozen ground.

Why Cryo Connect? Our goal is to facilitate science outreach. Are you seeking information on the cryosphere, or are you an expert looking to share your findings with a wider audience? Cryo Connect makes it simple.

How does it work? Cryosphere experts that sign up at Cryo Connect provide keywords that specify their fields of expertise and regions of interest. When information seekers place a connection request, Cryo Connect provides a tailored list of experts with matching search criteria. Reversely, scientists can proactively share findings with information seekers that sign up to receive science notifications – or simply tweet using the @CryoConnect Twitter handle.

Who are we? Cryo Connect is a non-profit organisation managed by a team of scientists, safeguarding the best interest of the community members. Our sole aim is to facilitate science outreach.



These are our Cryo Connect partners. Please send us a message if your organisation/institution is also interested in becoming a Cryo Connect partner or sponsor in support of cryosphere science outreach.