Cryo Connect connects. We bring together those with a professional interest in our climate system, like scientists, journalists, policy makers, teachers, and stakeholders. On the one hand, cryosphere experts may struggle to find a suitable platform for sharing their findings with the media. On the other, information seekers often reach out to scientists that are easily found by online search engines, but may not be overly qualified to answer specific questions. Cryo Connect alleviates these issues. You are very welcome to try out our platform. It’s easy, free, and we won’t bother you with unnecessary emails.

How does it work? Are you seeking information on the cryosphere, or are you an expert looking to share your findings with a wider audience? Cryo Connect provides the means to connect:

Scientists, you can sign up as an expert so that information seekers with specific questions on the cryosphere know how to find you. Also, you can proactively share findings with information seekers by tweeting your results using the @CryoConnect Twitter handle.

Journalists, teachers and other information seekers, we provide you with a tailored list of experts ranging from students to professors when you place a connect request. Cryosphere experts that sign up at Cryo Connect list their areas of expertise, career stage, languages mastered, etcetera, so that you can find the most suitable scientist(s) for you purposes. Also, you can follow us on Twitter to listen in on scientists broadcasting their latest findings.

New! Leaders of scientific expeditions to the cryosphere can now also announce expeditions on Cryo Connect and invite information seekers to join if there are extra “seats” available. Information seekers can search for expeditions to join.